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Atlantic Financial is proud to offer Fidelity 401k Plans and Investments, Products, Fidelity Mutual Funds and Services from Fidelity Investments and Fidelity Advisor

Atlantic Financial is not affiliated with Fidelity and offering of Fidelity Investments does not imply any endorsement by Fidelity Investments

Fidelity 401k retirement plans and services are available for companies of all sizes across the United States, serving the needs of employees in a wide variety of industries. Through various brokers, Atlantic Financial Inc. is able to offer Fidelity 401k plans, which are part of a comprehensive package of Fidelity retirement services designed to address the specific needs of many businesses.

As the largest mutual fund company in the United States, Fidelity 401k Plans are included in the over $935 billion in assets managed by Fidelity Investments. Fidelity provides leading corporate 401k solutions to more than 24,000 retirement client companies, with nearly 6.6 million participants.

At Atlantic Financial, we have the expertise to provide Fidelity 401k advice for a wide array of corporate retirement solutions. Thousands of organizations and their employees across the U.S. have come to rely on Fidelity corporate 401k retirement products and services, because clients have access to recordkeeping, compliance information and communication services. Fidelity 401k offerings also provide a broad choice of investment options, including dozens of Fidelity and non-Fidelity mutual funds, as well as custom-designed employee communications and education programs.

Atlantic Financial can help determine if Fidelity is right for you. As an independent company, we also have the ability to work with numerous other mutual fund companies and 401k providers such as MFS, Eaton Vance, American Funds and other leading providers.

Companies large and small benefit from Fidelity’s state-of-the-art systems technologies, which can provide seamless integration with payroll service providers. Moreover, Fidelity corporate 401k plan participants have automated web-based or phone account access. For small business owners and self-employed individuals, the company offers retirement expertise via an affordable and fully web-based Fidelity 401k plan.
In addition, Fidelity retirement offerings also are available to tax-exempt organizations and government entities. The breadth of Fidelity’s retirement resources it one of the nation's top providers of 403(b), 457 and 401(a) retirement savings plans for colleges, universities, health care institutions, states, state agencies and local governments.

In addition to providing Fidelity 401k advice and service, Atlantic Financial has the expertise to help companies evaluate and select the best retirement plan for their employees. As an independent firm, we can work with numerous leading 401k providers, including Fidelity, to determine the plan that works best for you.
Atlantic Financial can provide you with one or more recommendations about the 401k plan that fits the feature and budget requirements of your company. We’re available to review all options with you and provide detailed plans for your 401k management. If you would like us to assist you with your corporate 401k plan or answer any questions you may have, please email us (please be sure to include your name and phone number in your email), or fill out our online form.

Want to see what Atlantic Financial can offer your company through a Fidelity Advisor 401k Plan? Click this PDF document Fidelity Investments Fidelity Advisor 401k Plan Proposal Atlantic Financial PDF

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