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New 401k Plan - Reduce Employee Turnover and Attract
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Corporate 401k Plans

Would you like to Drastically Reduce Employee Turnover?

You should consider a new 401k plan for your current employees and to help attract new employees.

One of the major concerns for employees today is "What happens when I retire?"
A new 401k plan provides the answer to that question AND the added benefit of a new 401k plan is that it can increase loyalty to the company!

Consider some of these additional features:

RETIREMENT INCOME - Your employees can take control of their retirement along with a possible source of income during times of financial hardship.

TAX SAVINGS - The money put into the new 401k plan may substantially reduce their current federal and state income taxes. The money is allowed to grow tax-deferred you don't pay taxes until the money is actually used.

CORPORATE SAVINGS - By matching part or all of what your employees set aside, your company can also cut back on taxes.

When you combine the benefits of a new 401k plan along with the flexibility of investing in a variety of options, you can attract new employees.

Atlantic Financial Inc. will totally design your plan, educate your employees, and provide all the necessary paperwork for enrollment.

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Another important aspect of plan setup to consider is selection of investment choices. Many plans that are cost effective for small growing companies are offered through mutual fund companies that are not known for outstanding performance. If your employees are particularly conscious about investment choices they will be more demanding about the quality of the investment selections within the plan. Unfortunately, many of the largest and most popular mutual fund companies such as Fidelity, Putnam and Vanguard require employee participation or dollar amount balance minimums that can make opening a plan prohibitive for a small company. Certain investment firms have alliances with many large mutual fund companies that allow waivers of the minimum number of employees and dollar amounts, thus making these types of well-known mutual fund plans available to smaller companies.

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Atlantic Financial can setup a new 401k plan or administer an existing 401k plan.
We can also help your company serve former employees by transferring them out of your plan and into their own IRA account with an IRA Rollover - it's better for the participants and can save your company money.

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