Financial Plan

Investor Economic and Financial Education

Atlantic Financial will create your financial plan by combining the personalized expertise of a financial professional with the state of the art in asset planning software.

What You Will Receive

We use the several strategies including the Nobel Prize winning Modern Portfolio Theory method and a mix of over 18,000 investments to find the ideal match for your financial situation and desired risk and return objectives. The plan is presented in a simple, easy to understand, yet detailed format. A professional will be readily available to you with a detailed review.

Request your Personal Financial Plan

There is no cost or obligation to receive a financial plan from Atlantic Financial, however all questions must be completed out in order for us to provide you with an effective financial plan.

Choose one the following methods below to get started.

Web version of our Financial Plan Questionnaire
Submit a completed copy of our on-line Financial Plan Questionnaire.
Once we have received your information a qualified representative will then contact you to discuss your financial plan in detail.

Print Version of our Comprehensive Financial Plan

(PDF Document)

Download a copy of the Comprehensive Financial Plan
Print the Investor Profile portion of the brochure, fill it out, attach your account statements and mail it to the address listed on the first page. Once we have received your document a qualified representative will then contact you to discuss your financial plan in detail.

Atlantic Financial's financial plan is ideally suited for investors with over $1,000,000 in investable assets.

Our account minimum is $100,000.

Atlantic Financial clients may receive fee based financial planning services in addition to non-fee financial planning. Most of the advice and services we offer are free of charge.

Managed Accounts - with the personal attention of a financial consultant.

Money Mangement Firms

world class money management firms that Atlantic Financial works with

Institutional Services

- top quality services for high net worth individuals, institutions, hedge funds, family offices, money management firms and traders.

Organize Your Accounts - organize, value, consolidate and review your accounts.