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Mutual Funds

Atlantic Financial can help you select a mutual fund, evaluate your current funds, consolidate all of your funds on one statement in a single account and carry out your transactions for you in over 18,000 mutual funds. We do the 'legwork' for you in monitoring and selecting investments with state of the art in top quality service, financial planning and customer satisfaction.

How it Works

Next time you are considering a mutual fund purchase, contact Atlantic Financial via email Atlantic Financial, or use this contact form.
One of our Atlantic Financial representatives can share advice and information about any mutual fund with you. Most importantly, because we are independent our advice is objective. Once the purchase is made, you will receive clear consolidated statements with all of your mutual fund holdings on one statement.

If You Already Own Funds

If you already own mutual funds in an IRA or any type of account you can transfer them to Atlantic Financial at no charge. You will then receive consolidated statements, free objective advice, reporting, financial planning and top quality service. To transfer an account call or open a new account and be sure and select 'yes' on the transfer box.


For Fidelity Funds and most other fund families, there is no extra charge for this service, our compensation comes from the fund companies. In some cases no-load funds will have a $25* per purchase charge.
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* Costs subject to change.
Please contact Atlantic Financial for current costs.

For more information or to have us answer any questions you may have, please contact Atlantic Financial,
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