Retirement Speech, Jokes and Retirement Party Planning

Retirement Planning and retirement plans

The retirement party is one of the hallmark social events of a working person’s life, and great care must be taken in preparing for the big bash. As one prepares to open new doors to bigger and better adventures, the retirement party must be marked with a memorable retirement speech, thoughtful and insightful retirement jokes, and a good measure of celebratory spirit shared with family, friends, colleagues and peers.

Tips for the Organizer: Retirement marks a significant and important milestone in a person’s life: it only happens once. More than a “send-off” party, a successful retirement party must focus on the contributions of the celebrant to his/her chosen industry or profession.

Often, an appropriate theme for a retirement party celebrates the retiree’s “good ole’ days,” where the celebration revolves around showcasing significant moments in the celebrant’s professional or personal life. This can be accomplished by highlighting the celebrant’s career-long contributions to the company, the community or a trade organization.

Any well-planned and well-organized event requires detailed planning and plenty of coordination. Thus, it’s important to enlist the help of family members and colleagues in organizing an unforgettable experience for the retiree.

Tips for the Celebrant: If you’re the celebrant, you will more than likely be asked to provide a retirement speech, peppered with well-meaning retirement jokes. To deliver a well-received retirement speech, the basic principles of public speaking apply. First, it’s important to know your material and practice often. One helpful approach is to record your speech using a home video camera, to give you a chance to watch and hear how you project to an audience.

Plan what you’re going to say in advance, and work on your delivery. It’s also crucial to keep your audience in mind. While you will most likely be in a room filled with people you've known for sometime, it’s still a good idea to select or write your material accordingly.

Equally important is knowing and becoming familiar with your room. Remember that you can improve your chances of giving a good speech by arriving early, and giving yourself a chance to work with the microphone, understand the room's layout, among other considerations. Arriving early will also give you a chance to become comfortable with the crowd, and give you a good feel for the audience. Knowing that you're among friends is a surefire way to boost your confidence for the grand finale of your retirement party.

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