Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Wealth management professionals at Atlantic Financial draw from years of experience and expertise in a diverse pool of investment opportunities: from mutual funds to 401(k) account management, from municipal bonds to stock market investments.

Our wealth management services focus on providing individuals with strategic guidance to help our clients capitalize on opportunities to preserve, cultivate, manage and transfer their wealth.

Since 1994, Atlantic Financial’s professional financial plan advisors have been offering full-service advice to address variety of wealth management needs. Our wealth management offerings and services are aimed at helping our clients achieve their financial goals by helping define or refine individual investment strategies with an eye toward growing and protecting their assets. Other wealth management services we offer to individuals and families include providing income tax advice, developing an estate plan, planning for higher education, and making the most of retirement accounts.

Why is securing professional advice in wealth management important? The deluge of investment opportunities currently available in the market makes the prospect of selecting the best investment vehicles a challenge for many investors. Our financial advisors can help you determine your wealth management objectives, and assist in pinpointing priority areas and understand your specific needs in an ever-changing market. We’re determined to help create financial solutions tailored meet your goals, with an emphasis toward helping you achieve, even exceed, your investment targets.

Cultivating and growing your nest egg is a crucial aspect of wealth management. Whether you need a rollover IRA, a Roth IRA, or help selecting from more than 12,000 mutual funds, Atlantic Financial can help with investment guidance and strategies that are tailored for your financial situation.

Wealth management strategies also apply toward planning for your children’s higher education costs. Atlantic Financial advisors are knowledgeable about establishing 529 college savings plans, which are a tax-deferred method of making contributions for your children’s college education.

College savings plans contributions are an important aspect of wealth management because such contributions are eligible for gift tax exclusions, and are typically excluded from taxable estates. Did you know that current law allows investors to accelerate use of the annual gift tax exclusion by making a single contribution up to $50,000 ($100,000 for married couples) per beneficiary - per single year - without federal gift tax consequences? In addition, funds contributed are excluded from your taxable estate, because an accelerated gift exemption may apply. Moreover, you still retain the right to determine how the account is used.

At Atlantic Financial, we specialize in providing wealth management strategies to enable individuals and families achieve their financial goals. We feel that the excellent resources, technology and stability of our partners provide our clients with the best of both worlds: the stability and peace of mind they receive from working with an industry leader, and the personalized services they expect from a smaller firm. Contact us today to begin a comprehensive financial planning approach that is tailored to meet your objectives.