Wealth Management Advisor

Wealth Management

Effective and strategic wealth management strategies require a lifelong process, designed to address your changing needs. At Atlantic Financial, we employ a consultative process to work with you to help accumulate, preserve and transfer your wealth.

We understand that the process of accumulating and managing wealth requires time and planning. At Atlantic Financial, our wealth management advisors can provide the knowledge and resources necessary to help guide you through planning and implementing a strategic wealth management plan.

There is a wide array of factors to consider in designing a workable wealth management strategy: lifestyle, assets, taxes, charitable inclinations, and financial goals. Addressing these variables constitutes the art of wealth management. It’s important for us to understand your long-term needs and risk tolerance to design an effective, customized and strategic wealth management plan, which will serve as a road map to help you achieve your wealth management goals.

Our areas of expertise in wealth management include:

  • estate and tax planning
  • retirement planning
  • wealth transfer planning
  • tax advantages
  • trust services

The first step in devising a strategic wealth management plan is gaining a clear understanding of your current assets, liabilities, and income. It will be important to discuss your individual goals and objectives regarding investment risk and return. We also will explore your plans to enhance, preserve, and transfer wealth. We’re determined to help create financial solutions tailored meet your goals, with an emphasis toward helping you achieve —
even exceed — your financial goals.

Your wealth management advisor will develop a financial plan that will be tailor-made, based on your individual circumstances. Our recommendations may include investment, credit, and insurance strategies, as well as recommendations regarding tax advantages or ways to grow, preserve, and protect your wealth. You can also rely on our wealth management advisors to obtain important information about wealth transfer strategies.

Atlantic Financial is prepared to work closely with you to implement wealth management strategies and help make changes as necessary, to meet your evolving needs. We’re also prepared to help you adapt to changing economic conditions or investment opportunities as well as maximization of tax advantages.

Since 1994, Atlantic Financial’s wealth management advisors have been offering full-service advice to address variety of wealth management needs. At Atlantic Financial, we specialize in providing wealth management strategies to enable individuals and families achieve their financial goals. We invite you to contact one of our experts to discuss how we can help you develop an effective, sustainable, and strategic wealth management plan.