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Money Management



Managed Accounts

Atlantic Financial can also work with a number of
money management services.
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Large Cap Growth

Aletheia Large Cap Growth Managed Account
Alger Large Cap Growth Managed Account
Congress Large Cap Growth Managed Account
Eagle Large Cap Core Growth Managed Account
Engemann Large Cap Growth Managed Acct
Goldman Sachs Large Cap Growth Managed Account
Haverford Large Cap Quality Growth Mgd Acct
Holt-Smith & Yates Large Cap Growth Managed Account
Oak Large Cap Growth Managed Account
Roxbury Large Cap Growth Managed Account
Turner Select Large Cap Growth Managed Account

Large Cap Value Equity

Dana Large Cap Equity Managed Account

Large Cap Core

Alexander Capital Large Cap Core Managed Account
Cashen Large Cap Core Managed Account
Federated Large Cap Core Managed Account
Groesbeck Large Cap Core Managed Account
Manager Blend – Large Cap Core
Rushmore Large Cap Core Equity Managed Account
SSgA Large Cap Core Managed Account

Mid Cap Growth

Alger Mid Cap Growth Managed Account
Essex SMID Cap Growth Managed Account (Burridge)
Navellier Mid Cap Growth Managed Account
Northern Trust Mid Cap Growth Managed Account

Mid Cap Value

Ariel Mid-Cap Value Managed Accounts
Federated Mid Cap Value Managed Accounts
Keeley Mid Cap Value Managed Accounts

Small Cap Growth

Alger Small Cap Growth Managed Accounts
Atlantic Small Cap Growth Managed Accounts
Eagle Small Cap Growth Managed Account


Lazard Global Equity Managed Account
Lazard Global Equity Select w/Emerging Markets
Managed Account
Manager Blend – Global
McKinley Global Growth Managed Account

Fixed Income

Dana Intermediate Fixed Income Managed Account
Eagle Special Fixed Income Managed Account
Met West Core Fixed Income Managed Account
Neuberger Berman Int. Fixed Income
Managed Account
SMH Diversified Fixed Income Managed Account
Tom Johnson Fixed Income Managed Account


ING International ADR Managed Account
Johnson International Equity Managed Account
Lazard International Managed Account
McKinley International Managed Account
OFI International Equity Managed Account


Cashen Balanced Managed Account
Congress Balanced Managed Account
Dana Balanced Managed Account
Rittenhouse Balanced Managed Account
VMF Balanced Managed Account
Wood Balanced Managed Account

And More

Lazard Alternative Strategies Fund, LLC
Man-Glenwood Lexington, LLC
Premier Advisors Fund Offshore, Ltd.
SIGMA Alternative Solutions
…and many others

Managed Account Fees

100,000* – 499,999 1.75%
500,000 – 999,999 1.50%
$1 million – 2.49 million 1.00%
$2.5 million – 9.9 million 0.75%
$10 million – 19.9 million 0.70%
$20 million – 29.9 million 0.65%
$30 million – 49.9 million 0.60%
$50 million and above 0.55%

* $100,000.00 minimum account size for a Managed Account

For investors seeking a greater selection of funds, the premium program includes access to more funds and fund families in this program, accounts with a value of $5 million and below will be assessed a $30.00 per transaction fee. This program offers unlimited transactions in over 18,000 mutual funds at no-load for one wrap fee and includes the option to use professional advice. Top participating fund families include: Strong, Janus, Fidelity, Stein Roe, Vanguard, Neuberger
Berman, Scudder and Warburg Pincus.
Note: Account Information and Rates subject to change.
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Global Investing Services for a changing world


Surprisingly enough, the US rarely has the top performing stock market in the world. During the last ten years, the US stock market has been the top performer less that 20% of the time* (*Source GT Global ) If you invest in mutual funds you should consider making global funds part of your portfolio. The only way to profit from the strong markets of other countries is to participate.

Many American investors think of risk when they think of global investing.
Risk exists in international markets just as it exists in the US markets. There is a significant opportunity internationally, just as there is in the US markets.

Many of the world’s largest and most stable companies are international: companies such as Nokia, Burger King, Holiday Inn, DaimlerChrysler, Nestle, Sony, Mitsubishi and others are all headquartered outside of the United States.

Choosing The Right Investments

The question is, how do you choose the right investment vehicles to take advantage of global opportunities? Global investing does not necessarily mean risk in unproved territory. On average, more than seven out of the top ten worldwide companies in the areas of banking, auto manufacturers, airlines, cement and food services are companies that are based outside the US.

Learn more about specific international investments

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