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Global Investing Services for a changing world


Surprisingly enough, the US rarely has the top performing stock market in the world. During the last ten years, the US stock market has been the top performer less that 20% of the time* (*Source GT Global ) If you invest in mutual funds you should consider making global funds part of your portfolio. The only way to profit from the strong markets of other countries is to participate.

Many American investors think of risk when they think of global investing.
Risk exists in international markets just as it exists in the US markets. There is a significant opportunity internationally, just as there is in the US markets.

Many of the world’s largest and most stable companies are international: companies such as Nokia, Burger King, Holiday Inn, DaimlerChrysler, Nestle, Sony, Mitsubishi and others are all headquartered outside of the United States.

Choosing The Right Investments

The question is, how do you choose the right investment vehicles to take advantage of global opportunities? Global investing does not necessarily mean risk in unproved territory. On average, more than seven out of the top ten worldwide companies in the areas of banking, auto manufacturers, airlines, cement and food services are companies that are based outside the US.

Learn more about specific international investments

Contact Atlantic Financial

Atlantic Financial can help you make global investing less puzzling. We are able to work with numerous money management firms and mutual fund companies. If you would like assistance or have any questions please use this form to contact us






Mutual Funds – selection assistance for over 18,000 mutual funds



Atlantic Financial is not tied to any one fund company.
This enables us to provide something that many brokerage firms, banks and fund companies cannot: Objectivity.

We help investors select monitor and evaluate mutual funds. Atlantic Financial can provide selection advice, analysis, tools and financial planning for over 18,000 mutual funds including: Fidelity, Putnam, Janus, MFS, Dreyfus, Vanguard and many more.

Since our compensation comes from mutual fund companies, there is no extra charge for you to receive advice from Atlantic Financial. Alternatively, clients can use our fee based program and pay an annual fee for portfolio management.

We Can Help You Evaluate and Select Mutual Funds

Financial Plan – Provide us with information about your financial situation or copies of your statements. We will make detailed recommendations to you about your portfolio.
Broker of Record – consolidate your mutual fund holdings on one statement
Consulting and Custody Service – for investors who invest in mutual funds or are considering doing so
Wrap Account Program – load waived and no-load mutual funds with professional advice
Managed Accounts – asset management system
Fund Companies
– we offer our clients over 18,000 mutual funds

Atlantic Financial is able to offer a wide variety of funds.
We only recommend what is best for our clients. If you need help selecting a fund that meets your needs, we would be happy to assist you.

For more information or to have us answer any questions you may have, please email Atlantic Financial,
or contact us

Fidelity Investments Fidelity Advisor Mutual Funds Understanding the Basics Atlantic Financial



History of Atlantic Financial

Internet History for the early years of the web.

Atlantic Financial became started as a pioneer in the early days of the world wide web.

Bruce Fenton founded Atlantic Financial in 1994.
This page outlines some basics of the history, archive, websites, business plans, and the historical, boom of the dot com market.

1994 – The Internet Ice Age Pioneer

Atlantic Financial always saw the Internet as simply another tool to help customers never as the end all be all of business existence or a get rich quick scheme.
Just like phones, paper, mail, bricks and mortar and PCs, the Internet is a tool, nothing more, nothing less.
Atlantic Financial’s recognition of this is why we grew prudently and thrived despite the dot com shakeup.



Time Magazine: The Information Superhighway

Time Magazine cover story:
“The Info Highway: Bringing a revolution in entertainment, news, and communication”

April 12, 1993. Note: Time Magazine is a registered trademark owned by Time Magazine



In December of 1994 Bruce Fenton founds Atlantic Financial and Atlantic Financial’s first website is created.
At the time there are very few investment firms of any kind on the world wide web, certain discount firms had been on the Internet for some time in a format knows as BBS’s, or Bulletin Board Systems in 1994 even very few of these pioneers had sites on the World Wide Web.
Today the www is synonymous with the Internet itself.This website is one of Atlantic Financial’s earliest renditions, it was created by Bruce Fenton and some very smart MIT graduates who founded their own web company.
It seems funny to look at now, but this site was actually relatively high tech for its time.



Another Internet pioneer, Yahoo is shown here with an early rendition of their site.
At the time you could “tour Yahoo” by simply clicking every link they had.
As more and more sites were added, this became harder to do and one day impossible.
Yahoo has never looked back by 1995 days of being able to tour Yahoo were gone for good.



In 1996 the Internet started to become more mainstream Atlantic Financial added some new features relating to quotes and news and experimented with a more stylized design.



By 1997 the web dot-com boom was in full force Atlantic Financial had several hundred pages of content and the first page took on a more search engine style look.

2000 to 2004


Through the late 1990s and early 2000s the Internet became a part of our daily lives, Atlantic Financial continued to develop customer services including the addition of several new investment products and services, the creation of the Law Firm Investment Services Program, improved managed account features and more.

2005 to 2006


Atlantic Financial enjoys a solid list of satisfied individual and corporate customers across America and around the world.
We are thankful to our clients, partners, affiliates and vendors who have contributed to our ongoing success.


atlantic financial website 2007

In 2006 and 2008 we started integrating more global content and images into the site to reflect the changes in the global economy and our continued focus on helping investors understand change.


atlantic financial website 2007

Today, Atlantic Financial helps investment professionals, individuals and institutional investors and individuals implement strategies to participate in our changing global economy.

Atlantic Financial has been here for clients through boom and bust, through mania and panic, through all the events our nation has been through over the last decade.
We are here to stand with you as well.
If you open an account with Atlantic Financial we will strive to do everything possible to treat you with the respect and level of attention that has helped make us so successful in helping people like you.

Contact us to speak with a representative today.



A variety of services for investors. Contact us…


A focus on understanding the world and how change affects you.



College Planning

College Planning

Section 529 College Savings Plans – Saving for college

College Planning

With today’s rising costs for college and other education, it is never too soon to begin planning.
College Planning

Fidelity Advisor 529 college Planning Information Here
Fidelity Advisor 529 college Planning Application Here

What Are College 529 Plans?

529 college savings plans are one of the most important financial and tax developments since the creation of the 401k plan. Section 529 college plans are a tax deferred method of making contributions for college. These plans offer numerous benefits to those who invest and are not just for parents and grandparents. Every investor should know the basics about these exciting plans.

College 529 Plan Benefits

There are many benefits to 529 plans:
High contribution limit: You can contribute up to $250,000 (contributions and earnings) depending on the individual state’s plan.

Contributions eligible for gift tax exclusion: You may accelerate use of the annual gift tax exclusion and make a single contribution up to $50,000 ($100,000 for married couples) per beneficiary, per single year, without federal gift tax consequences.

Contributions excluded from taxable estate: Funds contributed are excluded from your taxable estate (an accelerated gift exemption may apply) and you still retain the right to determine how the account is used.

Low minimum investments: Because you can open an account with virtually any amount, it’s easy to start saving today, and continue saving with small monthly contributions.

Wide list of eligible family members, including cousins: For the purpose of tax-free rollovers and changes of designated beneficiaries, “a member of the family will include first cousins, children, grandchildren, parents, grandparents, nieces nephews and spouses of all of the above, of the original beneficiary.

Simplified and flexible rollover between 529 plans: Direct transfers from one 529 plan to another will be allowed for the same beneficiary. A limit of one rollover per 12-month period will apply to new amounts distributed from a 529 plan and later re-contributed within 60 days.

Expansion of room and board expenses: For students enrolled at least half time, qualified room and board expenses have increased from $2,500, for those living off campus, and $1,500, for those living at home, to the full room and board cost by each institution. Specifically, tax-free distributions will be full invoiced amount calculated as part of the “cost of attendance for federal financial aid purposes.

Tax-Deferred earnings and tax-free withdrawal: The earnings on your investments grow tax-deferred-much like a 401k or Traditional IRA, but are not taxed upon a qualified withdrawal.

Your assets can be used for college expenses at any accredited institution of higher learning in the U.S.

No Income Limits: There are no income limits restricting who is eligible to contribute.
Control and liquidity: You may withdraw funds at any time for non-higher education expenses or change the beneficiary for the account. (Federal and State income tax on the earnings and a 10% penalty will apply.)

Investment choices: You may choose from a variety of investment options depending on the 529 plan offered by the investment manager of the plan.

Fidelity Investments fidelity advisor ScholarShare application

Fidelity Investments Fidelity Advisor ScholarShare Atlantic Financial 838719.PDF

For more information about 529 plans, a powerful way to save for college education, please contact Atlantic Financial at (800) 559-2900, or use this contact form.

Financial Planning with Section 529 Plans

When Congress enacted Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code, it is a sure bet it did not foresee the creative ways education savings plans could be put to use. Advisors with one eye on the code and another on the future are finding a wide variety of estate and retirement planning applications in this code section.

Section 529 plans allow owners to accumulate a large amount of wealth in savings plans sponsored by individual states.
The states set the rules, along certain federal guidelines, as to how the savings may be invested, how long the plan can stay in existence and for whom the money may be spent.

The account is owned by an adult, for the benefit of a named beneficiary. Once the money goes into the account, it is removed from the estate of the owner and considered a completed gift, without the requirement to file a gift tax return providing the beneficiary is not more than one generation removed from the owner. However the donor/owner of the account maintains total control over the account, determining when, how much and to whom the distributions will be made.

If the money is used for the beneficiary’s higher education needs (including tuition, books, room and board) the earnings from the investment can be distributed tax-free. Some states even allow a deduction against state income taxes for the contributions…California is not in that group.

If the money is paid out to the beneficiary for any other reason, the earnings are taxable to the beneficiary and subject to an additional 10% excise tax. Here is a key point: the owner may change the beneficiary on the account not more often than once a year, and now many states allow the account owner to be the beneficiary.

Multiple accounts may be established for multiple beneficiaries, subject to the per-beneficiary account limits set by the state sponsors generally ranging from $100,000 up to $250,000. Owners may open accounts in multiple states.

Each state dictates the range and style of investment alternatives. Generally the investments go into bundled variable or mutual fund products selected by the state. However, a number of states offer the more conservative prepaid tuition plan option. The latter are indexed to the rising cost of education determined by that state…and according to the College Board, have averaged a compounded return of 6.3% since 1991-92.

Since a large amount of wealth can be accumulated outside of the estate of the donor/owner, the planning opportunities are intriguing. For example, to date 11 states consider the assets beyond the reach of creditors. Potentially a donor/owner could create multiple plans in multiple states, shielding a large amount of wealth from creditors…while still maintaining all control of that wealth.

These plans, acting as a storehouse of wealth, can be stretched out to benefit multiple generations or even to provide retirement income for the owner. Assume that Joan established a plan naming Beth as the beneficiary. Beth gets a scholarship and doesn’t use the money in the account. Joan could delay distributions. (States have different rules…some require distributions must be made within 10 years after projected college enrollment while others allow an unlimited duration.)

Joan could name Beth’s future children as beneficiary(s). Since this is a generation skip, it requires the filing of a gift tax return. Or, Joan could keep the account intact, taking advantage of the continuing tax deferral, and name herself as the beneficiary. She could use the money to pay for that graduate degree she always wanted or she could elect to withdraw the money for her own retirement, paying income and excise taxes on the earnings.

In addition to saving for college did you know that Creative IRA Roth planning can leave a significant tax free legacy for a young child?



Financial Planning

It’s time to estimate how large your retirement nest egg will need to be and how much you need to save each month to buy that goal. This Financial Planning step is critical. The vast majority of people never take this step, yet it is very difficult to save adequately for retirement if you don’t at least have a rough idea of how much you need to save every month.

There are numerous worksheets and software programs that can help you calculate approximately how much you’ll need to save. Professional financial planners and other financial advisors can help as well.

Regardless of what source you use, here are some of the basic Financial Planning questions and assumptions the calculation needs to answer:

Request a Financial Plan

Atlantic Financial uses several strategies including the Nobel Prize winning Modern Portfolio Theory method and a mix of over 18,000 investments to find the ideal match for your financial situation and desired risk and return objectives. The plan is presented in a simple, easy to understand, yet detailed format. A professional will be readily available to you with a detailed review.

There is no cost or obligation to receive a financial plan from Atlantic Financial, however all questions must be completed out in order for us to provide you with an effective financial plan.

Retirement planning is also an important part of your overall financial plan.
What is your current Retirement Plan?

Will You Have Other Sources of Income?

For instance, will you receive a pension that provides a specific amount of retirement income each month? Is the pension adjusted for inflation?

What Savings Do I Already Have for Retirement?

You’ll need to build a nest egg sufficient to make up the gap between the total amount of income you will need each year and the amount provided annually by Social Security and any pension income. This nest egg will come from your retirement plan accounts at work, IRAs, annuities, and personal savings.

See also, Financial Planning for Retirement Income

Learn more about money management strategy

Have life insurance?
It may make sense to get a life insurance review of your current policies.

Without proper long-term planning, your plans might not be ideal, learn more about Tax Efficiency

Learn more about personal money management

Learn more about Financial Planners and Estate Planning

Even the best wealth management and financial plans are incomplete if they do not account for long term tax issues, be sure to review the tax efficiency of your plan.

Having a long term plan that reflects your values can be profitable and serve the greater good see our section about Socially responsible investing

Integrate your plan with your personal finance software


A variety of services for investors. Contact us…


A focus on understanding the world and how change affects you.



Opening a new brokerage and investment account

Open an Account with Atlantic Financial

New Investment Brokerage Account

Opening a New Account

When you open a new account with Atlantic Financial you will receive objective advice from a financial professional and you will be able to invest in stocks, bonds, CDs and over 18,000 mutual funds within one convenient account.

Client Services

Atlantic Financial offers a variety of wealth management and investment services to investors.

  • Full service advice – as little or as much as you need. Detailed objective recommendations and opinions on request.
  • Complete line of over 18,000 mutual funds including virtually all major names.
  • Large CD and bond inventory.
  • Money management consulting service
  • Full range of insurance and estate planning services.
  • Full range of pension plans allowing funds, stocks and bonds.
  • Strategic Asset Program – loaded funds at no-load for an annual fee.
  • Financial Planning.
  • Secure internet access to your account

How to Open a New Account

Choose your application from the list of Applications below.

  • Download your application.
  • Print your Application and fill it out.
  • Be sure to sign your Application.
  • Fax or mail your Application to us, please include a copy of your Photo ID.FAX:


    MAIL:Atlantic Financial Inc.
    167 Washington Street
    Norwell, MA 02061

Once we have received the document a representative will then contact you with instructions on making your first deposit and activating your account.


Note: Atlantic Financial’s Applications are in .pdf format.
In order to view these forms, your computer must have a .pdf viewer, such as Adobe Reader.

Investment Account

Online Applications

If you would prefer to use an Online Application, please choose one of the following:

For a 401k to IRA Rollover Account, please fill out and submit this
IRA Rollover Application.

To open a Standard Brokerage Account (Individual or Joint) or a Retirement Account
(403b, 401k, SEP, Roth, etc.) fill out and submit this New Standard Account Application.
If you are unsure of the type of account you need or have any questions,
please call 1-800-559-2900 or use the form below to contact Atlantic Financial and a representative will assist you. After you submit the application, an Atlantic Financial representative will contact you with additional account activation instructions.

Please Note: Atlantic Financial’s financial plan is ideally suited for investors with over $1,000,000 in investable assets.
Our account minimum is $100,000.

Wealth Management

Through various brokers, Atlantic Financial offers the Brokerage Access account from Fidelity Investments

Brokerage Access SM

Brokerage Access is designed for those investors who are looking for a basic asset management account with the ability to add optional cash management features. Brokerage Access’ standard features include: trading and investing; margin account borrowing; automatic money market mutual fund sweep; and limited check writing. The Brokerage Access account is available with no annual fee. Optional features, which are available at additional costs, include: a Visa Classic debit/ATM card; tax lot accounting; performance reporting; online bill paying; the ability to download account information to Microsoft Money or Quicken; and Internet, wireless and telephone access to third-party investment research and quotes.

About myStreetscape

myStreetscape is a comprehensive, integrated consumer technology platform that allows Correspondent Broker/Dealers and their investment professionals to offer their clients access to account information, market data and trading through the Internet, wireless and telephone.

About Fidelity Investments Institutional Brokerage Group

Fidelity Investments Institutional Brokerage Group provides clearing, custody and integrated brokerage services supporting the diverse needs of a wide array of financial institutions including Correspondent Broker/Dealers, Registered Investment Advisors, third party administrators, banks, brokerage firms and insurance companies. Fidelity’s products and services consist of equity and fixed- income securities trading, custody and money management systems, investment management products, asset allocation tools, securities execution and clearance and technology solutions. Fidelity also provides its clients with dedicated client services support and comprehensive marketing programs.


For more information or to have us answer any questions you may have, please call 1-800-559-2900, , or use this form to contact us





Atlantic Financial News



Atlantic Financial Inc

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A variety of services for investors. Contact us…


A focus on understanding the world and how change affects you.





Economic Consulting and Global Strategic Services – Atlantic Financial



Atlantic Financial brings US based global expertise and will supply a dedicated team of economic experts with experience in finance, quantitative principles to complex business and legal solutions.

Our advisors, strategists and economists will create strategies, studies, reports and policy recommendations for government agencies and global corporations. We can bring not only academic credentials to a project but on the ground knowledge and know how.
Sovereign wealth funds, governments and institutions with over $1 billion in assets can contact Atlantic Financial directly.

Atlantic Financial helps law firms offer investment services to their clients – see our law firm investment services information or visit Trustark Law Firm Investment Registration Services for more information.