Institutional Investor Services

Corporate and Institutional Investors

Atlantic Financial's Institutional Services are designed for accounts of $10 million USD or more.

Note: Investments offered to qualified and accredited investors via private placement memorandum are not available on this website. Accredited investors, contact us for further information.


Through various brokers we offer institutions selling agreements with over 400 major investment firms, access to several thousand RIAs and private placements.

A Bridge from East to West

Atlantic Financial focuses on the Middle East region and has extensive contacts in the Middle East. Mid to large sized US companies interested in investment banking and capital sources may leverage from our contacts and experience. Institutional investors, consultants and family offices wishing to gain exposure to the region should also contact us.

We have a great variety of financial tools available to high net worth individuals, consultants, family offices and institutions.

Benefits include: access to two very large municipal and corporate bond inventories, lending and financing, premier equity trading capabilities and over 18,000 mutual funds. These relationships offer our clients access to proprietary investment opportunities, research and other services. Through additional relationships with several leading investment banking, venture capital and money management firms, we have additional opportunities available.

The combination of our flexibility and independence with our world class network of alliances and affiliates gives our clients the optimal mix of customized service and selection. We'd appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate what we are capable of.

401k Resources:
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Corporate 401k plans - we are one of America's leading distributors 401k Plans for companies of all sizes
Municipal Bond investing - extremely customized for high net worth individual and family account management
Access to proprietary tools for evaluating and monitoring over 20,000 managers on an ongoing basis.
Through Bear Stearns, we can complete very large and complex equity trades such as efficient liquidation of large closely held blocks and a borrowing / hedging program that essentially allows value to be received for proposed sale of restricted stock prior to the restriction end period.
Custom services - for our premier clients, our size and network of relationships affords clients the optimal combination of flexibility, speed and resources for confidential and efficient analysis and implementation of strategies and services not listed here such as special situations, buyouts, identification of opportunities in areas specified by clients and other activities