Mutual Funds

Atlantic Financial is not tied to any one fund company.

This enables us to provide something that many brokerage firms, banks and fund companies cannot: Objectivity.

We help investors select monitor and evaluate mutual funds. Atlantic Financial can provide selection advice, analysis, tools and financial planning for over 18,000 mutual funds including: Fidelity, Putnam, Janus, MFS, Dreyfus, Vanguard and many more.

Since our compensation comes from mutual fund companies, there is no extra charge for you to receive advice from Atlantic Financial. Alternatively, clients can use our fee based program and pay an annual fee for portfolio management.

Financial Plan – Provide us with information about your financial situation or copies of your statements. We will make detailed recommendations to you about your portfolio.
Broker of Record – consolidate your mutual fund holdings on one statement
Consulting and Custody Service – for investors who invest in mutual funds or are considering doing so
Wrap Account Program – load waived and no-load mutual funds with professional advice
Managed Accounts – asset management system
Fund Companies – we offer our clients over 18,000 mutual funds

Atlantic Financial is able to offer a wide variety of funds.

We only recommend what is best for our clients. If you need help selecting a fund that meets your needs, we would be happy to assist you.