401k plans for corporations
401k Plan

401k Setup and 401k Transfers: What is the 401k Setup Process? How does a 401k Transfer Work?

Corporate 401k Plans

Atlantic Financial can review all options with you and provide detailed plans for your 401k management.

Contact Atlantic Financial with any questions by using this contact form, and request a 401k plan questionnaire.
Please specify if this is a New 401k Setup or a 401k Transfer.

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Atlantic Financial will work with the administrator to provide and submit the necessary paperwork to set up a new 401k plan or assist with a 401k transfer of your existing plan.

Schedule enrollment meeting for all employees

Atlantic Financial completes participant enrollment and sets up accounts

Participants choose their investment selections (Upon request, Atlantic Financial can have an investment
professional assist the participants with their investment selections)

The plan is activated and you are now ready to begin payroll deductions.
In some situations, this process can be completed in as little as 14 days

Why Use an Advisor?

To invest responsibly, many shareholders seek the professional guidance of a financial advisor. This area presents the advantages of using an advisor and provides additional information that can help you select and work more effectively with your advisor.

Benefit from the Experience of a Financial Advisor

By looking down the road, many people realize that they don't have the experience, time, training or patience to make informed investment decisions alone. That's where the value of a financial advisor can really make a difference.

A qualified financial advisor:

takes the time to understand your goals and investment needs

has the experience to help you develop a financial plan designed for your specific situation

can help you determine the best way for you to allocate your assets

can offer additional assistance during volatile market periods

will discuss specific investments or investment strategies to help meet your goals

has experience in financial services, securities licenses and specialized training

has access to specialized research on various types of securities

spends time tracking potential investments that may fit in your financial plan

Source: Provided by Fidelity Investments