Wealth Management and Individual Investor Services

Wealth Management

Wealth management services must to be as comprehensive as your needs.
Atlantic Financial has developed a complete array of tools to help high net worth individuals and families maximize their potential and reach their long term financial goals.

We offer a variety of services that can assist you with the management of your portfolio, your charitable giving, family legacy, tax situation and long term financial plan.

Premier Client Services

For high net worth investors we offer a unique blend of ultra high quality services with your discriminating tastes in mind.

If you qualify for our premier client services* you can expect to receive some of the most comprehensive client service in America. Atlantic Financial works with some of the worlds top professionals in the areas of taxes and law. Our network with professionals in these fields as well as money management firms and our high quality service make Atlantic Financial the ideal choice for high net worth investors. Some services include:

Estate Planning

Asset Protection

Offshore Money Management

Money Manager Selection and Evaluation

Strategic Asset Management

In Person Reviews

Municipal Bond Portfolio Management

Asset Management


* Minimum investment will depend on services required.

Services for your financial security

Mutual Funds - we offer clients over 18,000 mutual fund choices.

View the list of Fund Companies that we work with

Consulting and Custody Service

Managed Accounts

Wrap Accounts

IRA / IRA Rollover- we can help you set-up a new Individual Retirement Account (IRA) or rollover an existing one.

Section 529 College Plans -
a powerful way to save for college education.

Global Investing - let us help you make global investing a part of your portfolio.

Socially Conscious Investing - Atlantic Financial can help you find the right socially responsible investment for your needs.

VIP Account- unlimited check writing, consolidated statements and a VISA debit card.

Stocks, Bonds and CDs.

Atlantic Financial is happy to answer questions about mutual funds, stocks, IRA's, rollovers, bonds, 401k's, money management, 529 plans, general investing and any of our programs.

About Wealth Management

Learn more about Financial Planners and Estate Planning

Even the best wealth management and financial plans are incomplete if they do not account for long term tax issues, be sure to review the tax efficiency of your plan.

For more information or to have us answer any questions you may have, please contact Atlantic Financial, or contact us

Having a long term plan that reflects your values can be profitable and serve the greater good see our section about Socially responsible investing

There is no such thing as a free lunch for investors