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Personal finance software and investment software programs are excellent tools in enabling financially-savvy individuals bring their money management to a whole new level. Atlantic Financial offers investors a variety of free advanced financial planning software and investment software programs that provide robust data analysis on their investments and personal finance decisions.

We offer a financial plan that combines the personalized expertise of a financial professional with state-of-the-art in financial planning software. Our free personal finance, financial planning, and investment software offerings are designed to provide strategies for retirement, education, home ownership and other goals. Using our service, individuals can see how specific strategies are affected by financial events such as mortgages, taxes, inflation, and loans.

Financial Planning Software. Atlantic’s free financial planning software also allows the creation of viable options in the plan through calculators for mortgages, refinance analysis, accelerated mortgage payments, inflation, trade-off analysis, required minimum distributions and credit card payoffs, among other investment and asset management scenarios. A retirement planner module will help you develop a savings strategy to reach your retirement income goals. The retirement planner tool lists your expenses, assets and investments to project your financial needs now through the remainder of your career and into retirement.

Personal Finance Software. Our free, innovative and easy-to-use personal finance software lets you see where your money is going. With this tool, you have the ability to plan your future spending by quickly illustrating if you'll be able to meet your financial obligations. The software also offers options track and categorize monthly expenses, then compare them to your budget.

Investment Software. We also offer a free investment software that provides a comprehensive portfolio management and technical analysis system for individual investors and money managers. The software is designed to help investors manage their investments in stocks, bonds, options, cash, other assets, and liabilities. Additionally, it has the ability to create numerous reports and a variety of technical analysis charts.

Atlantic Financial helps individual and corporate investors with financial planning, mutual funds, 401(k) plans, IRAs, rollovers, stocks, bonds, CDs, portfolios and more. We offer free advice, quotes and financial research, and combine the financial expertise of our analysts with state-of-the-art financial planning tools. We have excellent resources, technology and stability of our partners to provide our clients with the best of both worlds: the stability and peace of mind they receive from working with an industry leader, and the personalized services they expect from a smaller firm.

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