Law Firm Investment Services

Advice and investment financial service

Law firm investment services are available through a Law Firm Investment Registration Program sponsored by Atlantic Financial. The program enables law firms and attorneys to become registered with the NASD to provide investment advice and oversee financial and investment transactions
The program enables attorneys and law firms to provide investment services to their clients. Attorneys registered through the program have the same abilities and licenses as full-service brokers at major investment firms.
Providing law firm investment services through your firm or private practice offers a number of benefits, including:
Increased revenue of up to 1 percent annually of assets managed, and up to 2.5 percent on individual transactions.
Ability to confidently recommend investments to clients.
Increased referrals due to the unique nature of investment services.

Potential to increase existing business by emphasizing that the law firm is full service and capable of assisting with a variety of needs, including investment services.
Law firm investment services open doors to opportunities with large estates and corporations who prefer having legal and investment work managed by a single source.

An opportunity for the firm to leverage its efforts to increase revenue, due to leverage provided from an existing client base.

Offering law firm financial services could potentially improve service for current clients and attract new clients through positive publicity and referrals.

Attorneys and firms who participate in Atlantics Law Firm Investment Registration program are not tied to any proprietary investment services or products. Because Atlantic Financial is an independent company that is not bound to any proprietary investments, the investment services offered to law firm clients is more objective than advice clients are likely to receive elsewhere.

Atlantic Financial provides resources and assistance to help simplify and streamline the education process for those wishing to provide law firm investment services to their clients. Our program offers assistance with making investment recommendations, as well as a variety of financial planning tools.

In addition, Atlantic also provides lawyers and firms step-by-step coaching, marketing and educational materials, hands-on client assistance upon request, training of support personnel, seminar development and many other services to ensure they have all necessary tools to begin offering law firm investment services.
Atlantic Financial will assist in training your firm personnel on such matters as opening accounts, managing transfers and other administrative functions. Support for law firm investment services is provided directly from Atlantic Financial and through partner companies and institutions. For more information about Atlantics Law Firm Investment Registration Program, visit

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