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Part of our job as your financial advisor is to help you manage the risk in your life.

So we have a question that will help us help you:

Have you recently received a statement from an insurance company on an annuity or life insurance policy that you own with them?

Like other areas of your portfolio, we should review your life insurance policy periodically to make sure it is meeting your goals.

Events that may indicate a need to Review your Insurance Policy:

Change in marital status

Change of occupation

Purchase or sale of a home

Death of a parent or grandparent

Birth or adoption of a child or grandchild

If you have owned your insurance policy more than five years, you may want to make sure your earnings and/or rate of return on the policy are competitive.
Are your earnings keeping up with inflation?

We can help you to determine whether your policy is meeting your needs.
Simply send Atlantic Financial your most recent statement and we will review it and return it to you within two weeks along with our recommendations for your consideration.

We look forward to hearing from you.

There is no cost or obligation for this review, and the information provided could make a difference in your financial future.
Please contact us today for your Insurance Review.

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