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Successful Investing with Fidelity Funds
Book MoneyReaders will learn the latest angles on investing with mutual funds giant Fidelity in this authoritative resource. This revised, expanded edition has the latest on assembling Fidelity portfolios, avoiding unnecessary fees, and more. A guide to the different Fidelity funds and their managers describes the benefits of long-term investing, the hazards of market timing, creating a portfolio, taxes, retirement accounts, account expense and maintenance, and more. In this helpful book, the editor of Fidelity Monitor makes his advice available to the millions of ordinary Americans who have money invested in mutual funds with industry giant Fidelity. Even the newest Fidelity investor will benefit from his insider tips.

Book Peter Lynch Beating the StreetPeter Lynch:
Beating the Street

In the #1 Bestseller, Beating the Street, legendary fund manager Peter Lynch shares the secrets of how he selected stocks during his management of the Magellan Fund. Under Mr. Lynch's management, Magellan was one of the best performing mutual funds of all time vs. the market. Beating the Street will show you proven techniques for picking stocks by someone truly qualified to give the best advice.

The Warren Buffett WayWarren Buffet book Photo The Warren Buffet Way
Warren Buffett is widely considered to be the world's most successful individual investor. Using his method for calculating future earnings of a stock and therefore the value, Mr. Buffett has picked stocks like Gillette, Coca Cola and the Washington Post. His buy and hold strategy has paid off in the form of a multi -billion dollar fortune placing him high on the list of the world's wealthiest people. Shareholders of Buffett's company, Berkshire Hathaway have also been rewarded with a return of over 26% annually for the 1990's.

The Millionaire Next Door
The Millionairre Next Door Thomas Stanley Book PhotoHow can you join the ranks of America's wealthy (defined as people whose net worth is over one million dollars)? It's easy, say doctors Stanley and Danko, who have spent the last 20 years interviewing members of this elite club: you just have to follow seven simple rules. The first rule is, always live well below your means. The last rule is, choose your occupation wisely. You'll have to buy the book to find out the other five. It's only fair. The authors' conclusions are commonsensical. But, as they point out, their prescription often flies in the face of what we think wealthy people should do. There are no pop stars or athletes in this book, but plenty of wall-board manufacturers--particularly ones who take cheap, infrequent vacations! Stanley and Danko mercilessly show how wealth takes sacrifice, discipline, and hard work, qualities that are positively discouraged by our high-consumption society. "You aren't what you drive," admonish the authors. Somewhere, Benjamin Franklin is smiling."

Independently Wealthy by Dr. Robert Goodman
Dr. Bob Goodman Independently Wealthy Book PhotoThe rules for planning a financially secure future are changing. In Independently Wealthy, Robert Goodman, Ph.D., one of the mutual fund industry's foremost economic commentators, asserts that a new economic era is upon us and the national debate on the sweeping changes it will bring has already begun. As this transformation takes root within the tax system and seriously scales back federal retirement income and health-care programs, Uncle Sam will cease to be the major provider, forcing Americans to find alternative ways to provide their own financial security. Unless you take the right steps today, Putnam Investments' senior economic advisor tells his audiences all over the country, you may face a bleak financial future. Now, in Independently Wealthy, Dr. Goodman has put his compelling message into print. In the same down-to-earth, no-nonsense style he uses in person, he tells you why you must take control of your own financial future: no one else is going to do it for you. Rather than viewing these trends darkly, Dr. Goodman sees them as opportunities. The good news, he says, is that while the government will end or sharply reduce current programs, employers are increasingly shifting from defined-benefit pension plans to such programs as 401k and profit-sharing plans that allow employees to make their own decisions about how much to invest and where to invest it. This will give you control over your own financial destiny.

Morningstar Mutual Fund 500
Image Photo Book Mutual Fund From the most authoritative mutual fund evaluation service, The Morningstar Mutual Fund 500 provides an objective analysis of the 500 best mutual funds. Selected on the basis of their leadership within their particular investment, the guide provides an enormous amount of information about each fund, including: manager strategy, star ratings of funds, performance graphs, fund history, performance analysis, risk analysis, tax analysis, investment style of the fund, portfolio holdings and bear market performance. In addition, it includes historical performance comparisons, a digest of mutual fund industry developments in the past year, and glossary of terms. For individual investors who want to conduct an in-depth search for the best mutual funds, The Morningstar Mutual Fund 500 is an unsurpassed resource. The latest edition of the "Morningstar Mutual Fund 500" gives star ratings, performance graphs and analysis, fund history, manager's investment style and strategy, and risk and tax analysis for each of the 500 mutual funds judged to be the best by Morningstar, widely regarded as today's leading independent provider of mutual fund analysis National print publicity.

Fidelity Funds Book Image PhotoFidelity Select Money
Fidelity Select Money offers: Three powerful mutual fund models to choose from tracking Fidelity Select funds. Performance figures based on 11 years of historical research. Individual Model instructions included. Five programs provided on a 3.5 disk. Risk charts measuring both Standard Deviation and Beta. Simple investment models beginners can use.

Soros on Soros
Book George Soros on Soros George Soros, who is unquestionably the most powerful and profitable investor in the world today, reveals his views on investing and global finance as well as his take on today's complex world order. Written in an engaging question-and-answer, interview format, the book examines Soros's personal opinions and explores his investing philosophy.

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