History of Atlantic Financial

History of Atlantic Financial

Internet History for the early years of the web: The history of Atlantic Financial.

Atlantic Financial was a pioneer in the early days of the world wide web.

Bruce Fenton founded Atlantic Financial in 1994.
This page outlines some basics of the history, archive, websites, business plans, and the historical, boom of the dot com market.

1994 - the Internet Ice Age Pioneer

Atlantic Financial always saw the Internet as simply another tool to help customers never as the end all be all of business existence or a get rich quick scheme.
Just like phones, paper, mail, bricks and mortar and PCs, the Internet is a tool, nothing more, nothing less.
Atlantic Financial's recognition of this is why we grew prudently and thrived despite the dot com shakeup.

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In December of 1994 Bruce Fenton founds Atlantic Financial and creates Atlantic Financial's first web page.
At the time there are very few investment firms of any kind on the world wide web, certain discount firms had been on the Internet for some time in a format knows as BBS's or Bulletin Board Systems in 1994 even very few of these pioneers had sites on the World Wide Web.
Today the www is synonymous with the Internet itself.

This website is one of Atlantic Financial's earliest renditions, it was created by Bruce Fenton and some very smart MIT graduates who founded their own web company.
It seems funny to look at now, but this site was actually relatively high tech for its time.

How we can help you

Atlantic Financial has been here for clients through boom and bust, through mania and panic, through all the events our nation has been through over the last decade.
We are here to stand with you as well.
If you open an account with Atlantic Financial we will strive to do everything possible to treat you with the respect and level of attention that has helped make us so successful in helping people like you.

Contact us to speak with a representative today.

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