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The Importance of Investment Management

The complexity of today's financial markets is a large change from past generations. The movement of trillions of dollars by electronic transfers across international borders and the magnitude of trade, global corporate growth and our interlinked economies have made today's world more complex.

Crucial in managing this complexity is the use of professional asset management with an understanding of the world markets. In this economic environment, can you afford not to take advantage of the type of financial expertise used by institutional investors? For years, large institutional investors and wealthy individuals have enjoyed exclusive use of money management advice from firms to achieve their financial goals. Now, individuals and administrators of employee benefit have this level expertise available to them as a means of meeting their goals.

Professional money management advice from these firms use the experience of several highly trained investment specialists who dedicate their full time to monitoring and reacting to ever changing economic conditions in accordance with their clients' specific financial objectives.

It is difficult for individual investors to keep up with the pace of Wall Street. Many institutional investors such as major pensions, endowments, and family trusts have relied on money management advice for years. Many institutions realize that money management is the most effective way to keep current with the ever changing world of investing. Money managers free individuals from the work of managing their investments and allow them to focus on enjoying retirement or their occupation.

Personal Money Management Advice & Services

Atlantic Financial has been able to combine the specialized expertise of world class money management advice from firms with the personal attention of a financial consultant. Through an ongoing stringent screening process we have carefully narrowed the field of registered money managers to management firms that we believe are the most qualified.

With our "search and referral" process we can provide you with a questionnaire from which we can objectively identify the best personal money management for your investment goals and show you exactly how these managers can help you accomplish these goals. This service is confidential and without charge or obligation.

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