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Financial Planning

If you receive more than one monthly statement or a monthly for your various accounts, it may be time to consolidate with a VIP account.

People today have less and less time to get everything done. Life has become more complicated and many people are looking for time saving ideas. Personal money management is one area where you shouldn't cut corners. But it is reasonable to want more convenience, control and flexibility. Now there is a way to streamline your personal money management: the VIP Asset Management Account. The cost: $8.50* monthly.

Note: *Monthly Cost is may be subject to change, please contact Atlantic Financial for more information.

What You Will Receive

Check Writing Privileges directly for your VIP money market
Consolidated Monthly Statement: including details of open orders, account activity, positions in your account, open GTC orders, trades pending settlement, check writing and debit card activity and margin and account information.
A Financial Advisor's assistance in choosing from over 18,000 mutual funds
VISA debit card
Full service financial planning advice at no charge, upon request
Nationwide 24 hour ATM access
Direct Deposit and automatic investment options

Opening Your VIP Account

Opening a VIP account is simple and will entitle you to all of the services listed above as well as objective premium advice. To open an account, download a VIP Account form and follow the instructions.

VIP Account Management

Through various brokers, Atlantic Financial offers the Brokerage Access account from Fidelity Investments

Brokerage PortfolioSM

Designed for high-net-worth investors, Brokerage Portfolio integrates a full-service brokerage account with extensive cash management services and a suite of investor-level technologies through Fidelity's myStreetscapeSM1 technology platform. Brokerage Portfolio replaces Fidelity's VIP Asset Management Account. Specific features of Brokerage Portfolio include:

Visa Gold Debit/ATM Card -- Provides clients with the ability to purchase goods and services anywhere the Visa card is accepted worldwide, with access to more than 450,000 ATMs for cash withdrawals. 2

Check Writing -- Linked to the money market mutual fund account, checks can be written in any amount, with no limit on the number of checks that can be written.

Trading and Investing Including Margin Borrowing 3 -- Trade and invest in thousands of publicly traded securities, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds and U.S. Treasuries.

Recordkeeping -- Consolidated monthly statements provide payee detail on check writing and debit card activity. Checks can also be listed by expense category that are pre-selected by the investor. Fidelity's Correspondent Broker/Dealer customer statement was ranked No.1 in DALBAR's 2001 Brokerage Statement Analysis for the "Brokerage/Multi-Product Statement Rankings." 4
Performance Reporting -- Includes asset allocation table and chart, transaction summary, and portfolio performance versus user-defined benchmarks.

Tax Lot Accounting -- Provides detailed cost basis and realized and unrealized gain/loss information on monthly statements.

Online Bill Paying -- Receive, review, pay and organize bills online through the Bill Center 5 on myStreetscape Internet.

Additional features offered in Brokerage Portfolio include: Internet, wireless and telephone access to third-party investment research and quotes; the ability to download account information to Microsoft Money or Quicken; optional access to an American Express Gold Card and Membership Rewards program;6 and an automatic money market sweep account feature, which allows idle cash to be invested in any of six money market mutual funds7.

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