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Atlantic Financial specializes in offering money management services for individual investors. With our professional money management capabilities, we are equipped to help you achieve your financial goals and objectives through a number of investment vehicles.

Atlantic Financial has the expertise and tools necessary to help high net worth individuals preserve and increase their wealth. We provide access to a broad array of experienced and proven strategies in money management. Our financial advisors are committed to building and maintaining a portfolio of investments, customized to enable you to precisely target your financial objectives.

Through our money management offerings, Atlantic Financial will help you determine the optimal mix of investment options by taking into account the following considerations:

Money management strategy considers - Your investment goals and priorities: The most successful investors understand their needs, and set goals and priorities accordingly. Money management strategy considers - The amount of money you plan to invest. Money management strategy considers - The trade-off between risk and return: Money management professionals can assist in developing your asset allocation model based upon your personal risk tolerance and financial goals. Money management strategy considers - Your income and liquidity needs. Money management strategy considers - Your time horizon: There is no such thing as an early start in retirement planning.
However, the more years you have until retirement, the more risk you may be able to accept and the more time your assets will have to grow, because you have a longer time to hold your investments. Money management strategy considers - Tax implications: Atlantic Financial works with some of the nation’s leading professionals in the areas of taxes and law. Our network with professionals in these fields as well as money management firms and our high quality service make Atlantic Financial the ideal choice for high net worth investors.

Atlantic Financial has the expertise to provide investors access to a wide range of mutual funds. These funds span the key asset classes in equity, fixed income and money market. Within each asset class, we offer funds that are well-suited to distinct investment styles. We are eager to help you build the mutual fund portfolio that meets your goals and objectives.

Atlantic Financial combines the specialized expertise of world-class money management firms with the personal attention of a financial consultant. Through an ongoing and stringent screening process, we have narrowed the field of 30,000 registered money managers in the nation to approximately 100 of the most qualified - all are independent of Atlantic Financial.

With our "search and referral" process we can provide you with a questionnaire from which we can objectively identify the best money manager for your investment goals. This service is confidential and without charge or obligation. We’re eager to show you exactly how these managers can help you accomplish these goals. These money management professionals can give you advice in the selection of firms, monitoring and coordination with your overall portfolio.

For more information about our money management services or if you would like us to answer any question you may have please email us (please be sure to include your name and phone number in your email) or complete our online form.

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